Year Review 2006

Updates 2006

Joe Stevenson, John Wayne Parr, and Cub Swanson Wrestling ClinicStevenson, Parr and Swanson will be hosting a wrestling clinic to raise money for High Desert’s Silverado High School wrestling program on Tuesday Dec. 19th. The clinic begins at 5:00 and at 7:00 they will put on a exhibition match. Tickets are $7.00.Local Cage Fighters Update- reported Dec 13, 2006King of the Cage Dec 1, 2006: Umar Love lost to Fernando Ganzales(injury 2nd round 0:28)—-Frankie Guerrero lost to David Kelly(armbar 1st rd, 3:36)—-Buckley Acosta defeated Tim Alberty((TKO, due to strikes, 1st rd 1:18)—-Josh Ramage lost to Mike Guymon(submission, 1st rd 1:52)—-David Beede lost to Shawn Laughler(tap out, 1st rd 1:08)—-David Zungia lost to Sean McCafferty(rear naked choke hold, 1st rd 0:35)—-Adam Chapman will be fighting in Sacramento at a Gladiator Challenge event on Saturday Dec. 16. Thomas “Wildman” Denny will be fighting against Nick Diaz at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fl January 20th, 2007. He will be fighting for the Gracie Challenge welterweight title belt.Daily Press Article”The Local High Desert Cage Fighter Update” article came out in the Daily Press today(December 13th). The article will be on the “articles” section of the website by tonight. This months featured fighter and his gym is Thomas “Wildman” Denny. Plus results and future fights of High Desert cage fighters. Next months article(Jan. 22nd) will feature Wildman’s fight against Nick Diaz and Ernie Perea’s steps in front of the camera. Plus the fight card of local fighters including King of the Cage March 10 in Laughlin, Neveda.Local fighter “Wildman” dominates at the Beatdown in BakersfieldLocal Thomas “Wildman” Denny defeated Tony Fryklund 1st round submissioin tap, rear naked choke 1:32 Check out the Articles from newspapers, websites, and magazines from the bonecrushers crew on the Photo tab of the website. Check out the new old skool photos!!!!!LOCAL FIGHTER NEWS AND INFO********** UP COMING EVENTS FOR LOCAL FIGHTERS *************** NOVEMBER 4TH Lucas Taber and Kyle York “No Limits Heavyweight Tournament in San Clemente, California. Tickets call 760-243-2700— NOVEMBER 14TH Cody Bollinger will be fighting in Costa Rica.— NOVEMBER 17TH Thomas Denny, Ricky Cantrell and Lucas Taber “Beat Down in Bakersfield” for tickets call 760-243-2700— NOVEMBER 18TH Joe “Daddy” Stevenson UFC 65— DECEMBER 1ST Paul Karsky, Palida Drummondo, Richie Collingham, Josh Ramage, Umar Love, Albert Hill, and Cody Bollinger “King of the Cage” event. For ticket info email me at “KING OF THE CAGE”–OCTOBER 13 Local winners include Robert Dupont,Frankie Guerreto, Umar Love, Buckley Acota, and Ernie Perea. Other locals who competed were Robert Kasey, Josh Lewis, Rickey Cantrell, Brent Wooten, Konrad Miles and Albert Hill.—–September 16 David Kelly won his fight at an California Cage Championship event.—– October 3 Chris Solomon and David Kelly fought a demo fight for Rock Star Energy Drink.**** LOCAL FIGHTERS ARE KEEPING BUSY THIS SUMMER!!!! ****Local fighters Amar Love, Cody Bollinger, Frankie Guerero, Robert Dupont, Paul Zilius, Josh Ramage, Jimmy Ramirez, Richie Collingham, Ricky Cantrell, Kyle York, and Josh Lewis will compete at the ‘King of the Cage’ event on October 13. Lucas Taber will fight WEC on October 12th. Chris Solomon will compete at an CXF event on Oct. 7th.At the “King of the Cage” fight on August 4th Cody Bollinger won on a 1st round TKO, 0:50. Cody will be fighting “King of the Cage” again on October 13, Soboba Casino.Thomas “Wildman” Denny, Chris Solomon, and Kyle “Killa” York will fight WEC on August 17th at the Tachi Casino in LeMoore, CA. All 3 fighters fight for “Team Wildman” at the UTF gym in Victorville, see links page. For Tickets call (760) 243-2700.Brent Wooten, Richie Collingham, Jimmy Ramirez, and Ernie Perea from Tyson Johnson’s Universal Grappling Academy(see links page) will fight “King of the Cage” in October. Check out the new pictures from King of the Cage event.Bonecrushers old news and eventsUniversal Training Facility hosted another “Smoker” with 16 fights in boxing, MMA, and kickboxing. Congrads to all fighters for putting on a show and congrads to Rueben Duran from Brian Warren’s “Unbreakable Gym” for winning to 155 pound belt. Great Fights, Great Turnout, Great Time, nice job Thomas Denny and Team Wildman for putting on a great show. Upcoming Events: ***Dave Kelly and Seth Dikun from Team Wildman will be fighting at the CXF in Upland on April 29th. ***Joe Calavitta and Lucas Taber will represent Team Wildman on May 12th at the Palledium in Hollywood, presented by Pangea Fights. FOR TICKETS call UTF at (760)243-2700.