Year Review 2010

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Year Update 2010:


Victor Valley- Residents & Ex-Residents:
60 local fighters have fought in 18 different MMA organizations
WINS: 49
Tim Lindsey, Jeremy Gice, Tim Hulsey, Matt Hagge, Luis Lopez, Ernie Perea, John Cauley, Mia Hayes, Jeremy Chavez, Richard Delfin, Paul Karsky, Jason Walraven, Bryan Baker, Tina Austin, Tyson Johnson, Chole Johnson, Ray Parenteau, Joe Calavitta, Kjell Cordero, Corey Griego, Heath Cassol, Teddy Williams, Zachery Williams, Ryan Fillingame, Maurice Senters, Shawn Ramage, Art Ramirez, Marcus Edwards, Chris Culley, Joe Condon, Dan Henderson, Eric Anderson, Alex Silva, Jesus Reyes, Deshon Thomas, Brandon Hastings, Alex Reyes, Tony Dalton, Cody Bollinger, Sylvia Ruiz, Daryl Smith, Lucas Taber, Brian Cambell, Jason Lambert, Josh Lewis, Bakari McClain, Kacey Roberts , AJ Pace, Tony Dalton, Ben Champoux, Aaron Adamson, Nelson Alvarado, Brandon Weil, Joe Stevenson, Alex Rickards, Chad Walter, Ralph Miller(Team Focus), Bobby Trivit(Universal Grappling Academy), Marcelo Mafra(representing Cobra Kai), and Frank Arias(representing Cobra Kai).

Antelope Valley-Residents & Ex-Residents:
8 fighters have fought in 7 different MMA organization
Stuart Young, Tom Gloudeman, Alex Suhonosov, Jose Aldrete, Daniel McWilliams, JJ Williams, Geovanni Sarran, and Devin Field.Organizations:
Karma Fight Night, Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz, Art of Fighting, Bellator, Respect in the Cage, Chaos in the Cage, Mohave Valley Boxing Club, Tuff-n-Uff, Gladiator Challenge, Ring of Fire, MMA Xplosion, MMA Madness, Long Beach Fight Night, C3, Strikeforce, Fight For Wrestling, Playboy Mansion, All-Star MMA and UFC

December Update 2010

(Dec 12): Local fighters went 3-1 at a Gladiator Challenge event held at the Soboba Casino.
Matt Hagge defeated Edwin Hoffman by Rear Naked Choke 1:32 into round two.
Luis Lopez defeated John Perea by Rear Naked Choke :45 into round 3.
Mia Camara defeated Jacklin Boyle by Guillotine Choke 2:02 into round 2.
Tim Hulsey lost to Matt Butler 3 round unanimous decision.
(Dec 11): Joe Stevenson(Victorville) lost to Mac Danzig by KO 1:54 into the first round at UFC 124 held at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec.

(Dec 9): Jason Walraven(Victorville) lost to Carlos Flores by Kimura submission :50 into round 2 at a King of the Cage event.

(Dec 4): Dan Henderson(Victor Valley High School Alumni) will face Renato “Babalu” Sobral when STRIKEFORCE returns to St. Louis at Scottrade Center. Don’t miss all the action this Saturday live on Showtime!

(Dec 4): Marcus Edwards(Apple Valley) and Richard Delfin(Apple Valley) competed at a MMA Madness 3 event in Sheridan, Colorado. Edwards defeated Gabe Kinzel in a 155 title fight. He won by Tapout :26 into round one. Delfin defeated Josh Hagerty by TKO(punches):56 into round three. Both fighters train with Team Wildman in Denver.

November Update 2010

(Nov 20): Joe Condon(Hesperia) won by a 3 round unanimous decision at a Respect in the Cage event held at the Fox Theatre in Pomona.

(Nov 12): Mia Hayes(Universal Grappling Academy) defeated Brittany Griffin by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:59 of round one at a Tuff-N-Uff event held in Las Vegas.

October Update 2010

(Oct 24): Local fighters went 6-3 on the night at a Gladiator Challenge event held at the Soboba Casino.
Jeremy Gice(Victorville) lost to John Lober by Guillatine Choke 2:24 into round one.
Ray Parenteau(Victorville) lost to Tom Gloudeman(Lancaster) by armbar 1:29 into round one.
Cody Bollinger(Phelan) defeated George Sanchez by docter stoppage(Cut above eye) end of round one.
Tony Dalton(Silverlakes) defeated Shawn Matteke by a 3 round unanimous decision.
Ralph Miller(Team Focus) defeated Brad Ball by rear naked choke in round two.
Tim Lindsey(Hesperia) defeated Josh Miller by rear naked choke 2:51 into round two.
Zachary Williams(Apple Valley) defeated Anthony Gonzago in an amateur fight by a 3 round unanimous decision.
Matthew Williams(Apple Valley) defeated Michael Heredia in an amateur fight by armlock(Tapout):47 into round two.
Ethan Williams(Apple Valley) lost to Kage Rude in an amateur fight by a 3 round unanimous decision.

(Oct 17): Chris Culley(Hesperia) knocked out Raja Shippen with a leg kick 1:42 into round one at a Long Beach Fight Night event.

(Oct 9): Chris Culley(Hesperia) won by a 3 round Unanimous Decision in the main event at a Respect In The Cage event held at The Fox Theatre in Pomona.

(Oct 7): Joe Condon(Hesperia) lost to Musa Toliver by 3 round unanimous decision, Daniel McWilliams(Palmdale) defeated Tony Dalton(Silver Lakes) by a 3 round unanimous decision and Alex Suhonosov(Palmdale) lost to David Gomez by TKO ref stoppage due to strikes 4:04 into round two at a King of the Cage event held at the San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA

(Oct 2): Ernie Perea(High Desert) defeated John Cauley(Lucerne Valley) by KO :41 into round one and Jeremy Chavez(Barstow) lost to Ernie Calma by key lock 1:34 into round one at a King of the Cage event held at the Avi Casino in Laughlin, NV.

(Oct 2): Local Gi & No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling Tournament held at the Fairgrounds. Event put on by Joe Stevenson Cobra Kai and Victorville Motors.

September Update 2010

(Sept 23): Bryan Baker(Granite Hill Alumni) defeated Jeremy Horn by a three round unanimous decision at a Bellator Fighting Championship Event in Louisville, Kentucky.

August 2010 update

(Aug 28): Marcus Edwards(Granite Hills Alumni) defeated Zack Harvey by triangle choke, 1:07 into round one at a Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz event in Greeley, CO.

(Aug 27): Richard Delfin defeated Cody Freeman by a 3 round unanimous decision at a Ring of Fire event in Denver, CO.

(Aug 20): Gladiator Challenge Event
Amateur fight, Corey Griego(Apple Valley) lost to Joseph Rasmussen by Triangle Choke, :54 into round two.
Universal Grappling Academy, Tina Austin defeated Tabitha Harvy by TKO, fighter quit, 1:09 into round one.
Paul Karsky(Victorville) lost to Melvin Costa by ref stoppage, due to strikes, 1:59 into round 2.
Jason Walraven(Victorville) defeated Archie Thompson ref stoppage due to strikes, 1:39 into round one.
Ray Parenteau(Victorville) lost to Paul Webb, by armbar :30 into round one.

(Aug 14): Apple Valley Alumni, Jason Lambert lost to Tony Lopez by KO, knee to head, 1:49 into round one at a War on the Mainland event held at the Bren Events Center in Irvine, California.

(Aug 14): Paul Karsky(Victorville) lost to Spencer Garvin by TKO, ref stoppage, in round two at a Gladiator Challenge event held in Elko, NV.

(Aug 7): Jason Walraven(Victorville) defeated Edward Smith at a C3 Fights event held in Newkirk, Oklahoma. Walraven won by Submission, Rear Naked Choke, 3:45 into round two.

July Update 2010
(July 24): Maurice Senters(Silverado High School Graduate) lost to Guor Mnatsakanyan by Armbar 1:24 into round three at an MMA Xplosion event held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(July 24): Cody Bollinger(Phelan) lost to Magno Almeida by armbar, tapout 1:02 into round one at a Respect in the Cage event held at the Hollywood Palladium.

(July 18): Chris Culley(Hesperia) defeated Martin Bautista by a split decision(30-27,29-28,28-29) and Giovanni Sarran(Palmdale) lost to Danny Lockhartat by a three round unanimous decision at a Long Beach Fight Night event. 

(July 17): Joey Calavitta(Cobra Kai) lost to Toru Harai by a split decision at a C3 Fights event held in Clinton, Oklahoma.

(July 17): Four Barstow fighters went undefeated at a “Chaos in the Cage V” event presented by Mohave Valley Boxing Club. The event was held at the Mojave Crossing Events Center next to the Avi Casino.
Eric Anderson(Barstow) defeated Brian Martin by rear naked choked 1:15 into round two.
Alex Silva(Barstow) defeated Jacob Bickford by tapout due to strikes 45 second into round one.
Jesus Reyes(Barstow) defeated Lamar Young by choke submission 1:30 into round three.
Deshon Thomas(Barstow) defeated Nick Wallace by tapout due to stikes in the second round.

(July 10): King of the Cage event at Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Stadium. Alex Rickards(Hesperia) lost to John De La O by armbar 1:26 into the second round. Daniel McWilliams(Lancaster) lost to Jonathan Brandon by Guillotine Choke 51 seconds into round one.

June Update 2010

(June 27): Gladiator Challenge Event: 6-2 on the night.
Results for High Desert Fighters
Kjell Cordero(Victorville) defeated Jake Mylles by TKO, ref stoppage due to strikes 1:12 into round 2.
Ryan Fillingame(Hesperia) lost to John Robles by TKO ref stoppage due to strikes 1:03 into round 3.
Zachery Williams(Apple Valley) defeated Anthony Perez by a three round unanimous decision. 30-27 by all three judges.
Teddy Williams(Apple Valley) defeated Matthrew Anderson by armbar 2:52 into round 3.
Heath Cassol(Silverlakes) lost to Johnny Ciseros. Docter stopped the fight after the first round due to cut near the eye.
Cody Bollinger(Phelan) defeated Sam Rodriguez by Guillotine Choke 58 seconds into round one.
Chloe Johnson(Universal Grappling Academy) defeated Toni Mango by Guillotine Choke 1:52 into round one.
Marcelo Mafra(Joe Stevenson Cobra Kai) defeated Dan Fair by rear naked choke 30 seconds into round one.
(June 24): Granite Hills Alumni, Bryan Baker lost to Alexander Shlemenko in the finals of the Bellator Fighting Championships middleweight tournament. Baker lost by TKO, ref stoppage due to strikes, 2:45 into round one. The event was held in Louisville, KY.

(June 19): Apple Valley Alumni, Jason Lambert and Chris Culley(Hesperia) fought at a C3 event held in Oklahoma. Culley defeated Dejuan Jackson by rear naked choke, 2:19 into round two and Lambert defeated Wayne Cole by Rear naked choke 46 seconds into round two.

May Update 2010

(May 27): Granite Hills High School Graduate, Bryan Baker(13-1) defeated Eric Schambari(12-2) in round two of the Bellator Fighting Championship Middleweight Tournament. Baker won by Triangle Choke submission 2:29 into round one. The Event was held in San Antonio, Texas. The event was seen on Fox Sports West.

(May 22): Marcus Edwards(Apple Valley) defeated Ali Hanjani at a Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz event held in Littleton, CO. Edward won by a Rear Naked Choke, 1:15 into round one. 

(May 22): Art Ramirez(Victorville) lost to Jon Carson by Rear Naked Choke Submission 4:27 into round three at a “Fight For Wrestling” MMA fundraiser for Cal Poly wrestling event in San Luis Obispo

(May 15): Chaos in the Cage event held in Lancaster, Ca at the Fairgrounds. Locals went 3-2 on the day.
Geovanni Serran(Lancaster) defeated Cody Goodale 3 round unanimous decision.
Stuart Young(Palmdale) lost to David Mancha by Rear Naked Choke 2:05 into round two.
Jose Aldrete(Palmdale) defeated Miles Howard by TKO ref stoppage, 2:42 into round one.
Tony Dalton(Silverlakes) lost to Marcos Gonzalez by a 3 round unanimous decision.
Daniel McWilliams(Palmdale) defeated Josh Greem via TKO due to strikes 2:25 into round one.


(April 29): Granite Hills High School graduate, Bryan Baker(12-1) Defeated Sean Loeffler(18-5) in the Bellator Fighting Championships Tournament held in Kansas City, MO. Baker won via a round one TKO. The event was seen on Fox Sports West. 

(April 25): Locals went 3-2 on the night.
Tyson Johnson defeated Brendan Ellison by TKO 1:07 into round one.
Chole Johnson lost to Christina Marks by rear naked choke 2:57 into round one.
Shawn Ramage defeated Jamie Martinez by rear naked choke 1:53 into round one.
Bobby Trivit lost to Josh Griggs by TKO, 2:05 into round three.
In a Amateur Pankration Style bout Mathew Williams defeated Curz Duke 3 round unanimous decision.
Local fighters in the crowd: Cody Bollinger, Dan Henderson, Alex Silva, Teddy Williams, Frankie Bollinger, Josh Ramage, Ernie Perea, Jeremy Ramage, and Jason Allsman.

(April 18): Chris Culley(Hesperia) defeated Juan Rivas by a split decision at a Long Beach Fight Night event. 

(April 17): Victor Valley High School Graduate Dan Henderson lost to Jake Shields by a 5 round Unanimous Decision at a Strikeforce event held in Nashville, TN. 

(April 17): Apple Valley High School graduate, Jason Lambert and Hesperia’s Brandon Hastings competed at a C3 event held in Oklahoma. Hastings defeated Darin Kelly won by a triangle choke 1:55 into round two. Hastings improves to 4-0. Lambert defeated Dominic Brown by TKO(Punches)2:41 into round one.

(April 3): Brandon Weil(Apple Valley) lost Brandon Wilson by TKO, 42 seconds into round one, at an All-Star MMA event held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

(April 3): Geovanni Sarran defeated Imani Lee at an Art of Fighting event. Sarran won via Rear Naked Choke 2:04 into round one.

March Update 2010

(March 27): Karma Fight Nights Presents- Thunder in the Ring. Quick results
Bout 1 -Boxing -Jesse Roman defeated William Fisher by TKO, 2:29 into round two.
Bout 2 -Boxing-Ravshan Hudaynzarov defeated Anthony Mora by KO, 2:59 into round one.
Bout 3 -Boxing-Serhiy Karpenko defeated Anthony Mooney by KO end of round one.
Bout 4 -Boxing-Gayrat Ahmedov defeated Demetrius Davis by a Majority Decision.(76-76, 77-75, 77-75)
Bout 5 -Boxing-Eric Garcia defeated Steve Macomber by a Unanimous Decision (40-36 all 3 judges)
Bout 6 -MMA-Joe Condon(Hesperia) defeated Mike Arellano by a3 round unanimous decision( 30-27 all three judges)
Bout 7 -MMA-Alex Reyes(Hesperia) defeated George Sanchez by TKO, ref stoppage due to strikes 2:20 into round one.
Bout 8 -MMA-Cody Bollinger(Phelan) defeated Travis Yonkers by a 3 round unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

(March 20): Victorville Motors will feature a day of MMA demos and autograph signings.

(March 13): King of the Cage event in Laughlin, NV held at the Avi Casino on the river.
Bout 1: Kasey Roberts(Barstow) lost to Kody Barberena by TKO, ref stoppage due to stikes, 2:08 into round one.
Bout 4: Josh Lewis(Silverlakes) defeated Bakari McClain(Victorville) by a 3 round unanimous decision.
Bout 11: AJ Pace(Barstow) lost to Tim Humphry via TKO, ref stoppage due to a strike(cut under eye) 1:54 into round one

February update 2010

(Feb 27): Chaos in the Cage event
Tony Dalton(Victorville) vs Eric King-King won via 3 round unanimous decision.
Bout 4: JJ Williams(Lancaster) vs Vince Martinez-Williams won via Rear Naked Choke :36 into round one.
Bout 5: Larkin Lorenz vs Geovanni Sarran(Lancaster)-Lorenz won by a 3 round unanimous decision.
Bout 7: Daniel McWilliams(Palmdale) vs Daniel Mancha-Williams won via rear naked choke 1:55 into round two.

(Feb 21): 8 locals competed at a Gladiator Challenge event at Soboba Casino.
Daryl Smith(Victorville) lost to Kenny McCorkel by verbal tapout due to strikes 2:01 into round one.
Nelson Alvardo(Adelanto) lost to Johnny Cisneros by TKO ref stoppage due to strikes 1:46 into round two.
Sylvia Ruiz defeated Tina Willis by Rear naked choke :42 into round one.
Lucas Taber(Wrightwood) defeated Calvin Bell by rear naked choke 1:03 into round one.
Brian Campbell(Lucerne Valley) lost to Kieth Berry tapout due to strikes :14 into round one.
Ben Champoux(Lucerne Valley) lost to Robbie Peralta by ref stoppage TKO 1:21 into round one.
Aaron Adamson(Lucerne Valley) lost to John Robles TKO, ref stoppage due to stikes, :48 into round one.
Frank Arias(representing Cobra Kai) defeated Mike Willis tapout leg triangle 1:39

(Feb 20): Joe Stevenson(Victorville) lost to George Sotiropoulos by a three round unanimous decision(30-27, 30-27, 30-27) at UFC 110 held in Sydney, Australia.

January update 2010

(Jan 3): Alex Rickards(Hesperia) lost to John De La O by tapout(unable to continue due to injury) 1:17 into round one and Chad Walter(Hesperia) defeated Jim Ramsey by triangle choke submission 1:04 into round one at a Long Beach Fight Night Event.
Rickards and Walter both train at the American JuJitsu Academy in Hesperia.